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What is energy healing 

Energy healing in its essence is literally those two wordshealing through channeling of energies. Leveraging energies to heal holistically is an ancient concept found in cultures throughout the world and is now being recognized more widely to augment and stimulate holistic healing in the modern world.  Ancient cultures all acknowledged the role of flow of energies for a disease-free body. Called Prana in Vedic wisdom, Chi in Chinese and Ki in Japanese traditions, the scientific community now acknowledges the energetic field that we draw our life force from as the quantum field.


 Science today, quantum physics in specific, confirms what ancient cultures have known for long - we live in a world governed by vibrations and frequencies. The world and everything in it is made up of vibrations – the degree of solidity of an object is only a function of its frequency of spin. Likewise, our physical body itself is the spin offshoot of an underlying energy body that powers it. This energy body maintains a flow of energy through our physical body. We can heal not only our bodies, but also life situations, relationships, emotions at the deepest cellular level by addressing energetic imbalances within our life force.  

The energy body is as real as the physical body, and the only reason it isn’t ‘seen’ in plain sight is because the human viewing capacity is constrained to a limited spectrum of light that we call the 'visible spectrum'. Various tools such as the Kirlian Camera that capture light outside the visible spectrum viewable by our eye accurately represent a picture of your energy body.


Most disease, emotional unease, life patterns originate in the energetic body

Energy healing systems work by breaking patterns in the subconscious that have been limiting you

As your system begins to experience frequencies of a much higher frequency, the lower frequencies being held by your body get dislodged and released. This is plain science and explained in physics as  downward causation. 


As your mind-body-spirit begins to integrate these higher frequencies you will notice a shift in your physical health, thoughts, emotions, relationships and life situations. 



A healing session at Antaram aims to create this harmonious alignment between your mental-emotional-physical bodies using healing vibrations of high frequencies. ​



Most surreal experience in healing journey.


I came across the website through an instagram ad and I never had any doubt in mind about the intent of the owner, and booked a healing session right away.


In Anuva, I found a friend that heals. She put me on spiritual healing path. Anuva is kind and even after the completion of healing process she has hand-held me many times when it comes to processing my emotions. She is also kind of helping me currently in finding the purpose of my intuition and how to further help others with it.

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