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What Antaram clients have to say ...

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Neha Kumar

" I'm endlessly grateful for Anuva’s time and care this year in helping me and my mom heal.


Mom was at a point in her illness where we just had no idea what to do and what treatment to turn to. After Anuva gave her 21 days of healing, Mom’s health took a significant turn for the better and we all found ourselves greatly relieved, and grateful to have gotten out of a very traumatic phase.

Then I started my own healing journey. I have so much more to uncover, but it has been amazing to feel much more in touch with myself when I had really begun to feel so numb. Conversations with Anuva have been monumental in bringing about a shift in perspective. I find I’m willing to trust the universe a little more.


Anuva’s ability to connect and identify the things that need attention is so powerful! I’m grateful for her understanding, listening, care, and wisdom. I truly don’t know anyone else with this immense combination of values and


Thank you, Anuva, for helping to bring so much peace and light into my life "

" Most surreal experience in healing journey.


I came across the website through an instagram ad and I never had any doubt in mind about the intent of the owner, and booked a healing session right away.


In Anuva, I found a friend that heals. She put me on spiritual healing path. Anuva is kind and even after the completion of healing process she has hand-held me many times when it comes to processing my emotions. She is also kind of helping me currently in finding the purpose of my intuition and how to further help others with it.

Thanks to Antaram and Anuva, for coming into my life when I never even knew I needed someone like her.."

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Bhagyashree Purandare

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Tahir Anand 

" I came to Anuva, completely lost and clueless as to what was happening with my life. I took a few personal healing sessions and did the inner child workshop and I am now more at peace with myself, more in acceptance of things - life is a journey and there will be it’s fair share of ups and downs but knowing that I have a guide and mentor, and most importantly a friend who just listens and is always there to help

is truly a blessing !


I was searching for a healer but to get a healer, a confidant and a coach all in one is literally a gift

from the universe- so, so glad I came across her page and was able to seek her guidance and blessings.


Thank you Anuva for everything ! "

" I came across Anuva’s profile on Instagram and I would only say she came to my life as an angel.

I was suffering from Chronic nerve pain since many months and years. Several allopathy treatments, acupuncture sessions, and massages gave only mild temporary relief, so I thought of giving this healing too a try and believe me it was a miracle!!

Anuva guided me through the sessions and my pain reduced and eventually has disappeared. I can only say Anuva's entry in my life was God sent... I used to be in pain chronic pain and tears all day, every day.

A mere thank you won't be enough.. I would definitely recommend Anuva's healing for you,

or your loved ones without second thought "

Uma Narkar

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Taru Chandra

" I had the most surreal experience with Anuva and her healing. I’m on the journey of self healing and I had the biggest breakthrough- to get to the core of so much that’s been happening in my life.

It’s a journey, I know, but I’ve never been more excited in my life ‘cause I know I’ll be setting myself free from so many conversations running my life.


Thank you Anuva, for the clearing you provided, and thank you for the magic you’re about to create in this world "

" I had developed a sharp pain in my left shoulder and neck.


The usual medical drill with nerve depressants gave no relief, so I shared my agony with Anuva who came to help. An hour-long online session created a perceptible reduction in my pain.


It's been 3 months since and the pain is nowhere to be felt !

I can't explain how it happened, but it worked - the drum sound, the visualization of the healing tree - totally unexplainable things to me but it worked!


Now I'm happily living without my shoulder pain"

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Gopal Ojha

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" My decades of deep seeded anxieties and fears needed healing but I could never trust anyone with it.

The moment I met Anuva, there was an instant connect and trust as she is an empath !


She helped me discover my inner self and decipher the root causes of my fears and anxieties.



Even after the sessions her small tips are helping me in my healing journey."

"I was grateful to have had a chance to do sessions with Anuva.


The sessions were absolutely amazing in that they were deeply rooted in understanding my unique being.

All the things which she shared and the journey she took me on helped me immensely in shifting the way in which I was relating to my situation at the time. She was very gentle in her presence and gave me enough space to engage in a pace of exploration that was comfortable to me. I felt very healed after the session.


My life has not been the same since the sessions and I am very grateful that I had this chance to experience her unique gift."

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Shivani Shah

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Meenakshi Singhal

" Sometime back, an eminent orthopaedic surgeon declared, that I would have to live with a chronic backache (Neural changes in MRI).


Anuva came to my rescue; she gave me healing from a distance and it helped. 5-10 percent of the pain and problems remain, but I feel healthy and vibrant. The distinctive color that we both saw simultaneously during the healing, with its symbolic representation was astonishing. That was the turning point, and the positive changes started from then onwards. "

On a whim I decided to try out the spring equinox meditation and OMG what an experience.


It was a surreal experience, the sound vibrations that resonated with each chakra was exceptional. The inner child healing was cathartic, and I cried but I felt so light and happy at the end of it..

Highly recommend - this meditation is a must try !

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Tanvi Vakil

Suffering with sleep issues, and tired of the lethargy and amnesia from the medication, I decided to try energy healing, admittedly with some dose of skepticism.


I felt very peaceful and sleepy after the first session and got deep sleep right after. I was happy for it, but still wasn't sure if it was going to be curative. To my pleasant surprise - it wasn't just one evening, I had no trouble getting sleep the following few nights either.


I repeated the session the following weekend and after four sessions now, I am certain I will not be taking a pill to sleep again. I also get better dreams !

Neha Bhatia 

I have been on the healing path for many years and have tried many different modalities of healing. I came across Anuva’s posts on insta and decided to give it a try not expecting too much. How much does one need to heal after all? I had been there, done that.

To my surprise, when I did a few sessions with Anuva, so much stuff resurfaced. Anuva took me through it very gently and patiently. She extended her support even after the sessions. My chronic anxiety has almost disappeared and along with it my aches and pains. Anuva is very intuitive and her reading of mind and body is bang on.

Thanks to Anuva I am getting familiar with the energy portals and how to deal with the highs and lows.

Anuva truly is a blessing in my life.

Infinite gratitude...

Deepa Pradeep

I found Anuva’s account in March 2023, whilst surfing. Her techniques definitely piqued my interest, but I didn’t know if

I could afford them at first. I got to

know about the give-away sessions and followed the instructions to try my luck. And voilà, I was booked in April.

During the first healing session, I felt a lot of resistance in the body. She helped me set the intention for my body to be more open in accepting healing. ‘Healing with energies moves blockages way faster than traditional psychotherapy’, I was told. And I could really feel the shift in my thoughts, and eventually, in my body as well.


With time, I felt less and less lethargic, and it is nice to have regained vigour and clarity while performing everyday tasks.

Abhas Singh

My sessions with Anuva have always been a delight.


I was on my own journey and was curious about several things and the universe sent her to me just at the right moment. Through her energy healing sessions and she answered a lot of my questions. When sessions got a little overwhelming, she would always be there for support.

Every session shed a light on significant part of my personality that needed attention, guiding me closer to myself to begin my own healing.


I feel a healer is someone who can incite our own healing power and Anuva does that. Grateful to universe for her 

Samiksha Rai

It was an absolutely life changing experience which I had on this healing session..


I had issues of self doubt, depression and many past childhood traumatic experiences, which I wanted to get rid of. Anuva listened patiently and provided the solution in discovering my inner self.

I came out as a better version of myself and had a new outlook towards life. I felt more confident about myself. I slept like a baby after the session and it rejuvenated me.


It gave clarity to my thoughts and I’m gonna recommend this session for everyone !

Piyush Sahu

When I heard Anuva had reversed her own Hypothyroidism, I decided to try it for myself. My TSH levels have dropped from a consistent 9ish to 5.5 in 3 months. I could hardly believe my report when I saw it, even though I was already feeling much better in terms of my emotions and energy levels.


Science /magic - I really don't know how it works. All I know is it worked, and I couldn't be happier that it did.


You're a blessing of a find, Anuva !

Abha Gupta

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