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What  you can  expect from an individual healing session 

A healing session at Antaram, deploys a mix of healing modalities such as Shamanic Journeying, Akashic Clearing, Somatic Releases, Channeled Frequencies, and Breathwork, assisted by sound and light healing frequencies that bring you into an active altered state of consciousness belonging to the Theta brainwave zone (0.5Hz-3Hz). This altered state of consciousness is essentially a state of deep inner silence – where the noise of thought is suspended, allowing you to connect with, and hear your own soul’s guidance.



Whilst every session follows its own journey arising in the uniqueness of the individual, healings often involve aspects such as somatic releases,  energetic field balancing, ancestral healing,  dream work, shadow integration, inner child healing, akashic records clearing, and breaking of karmic patterns to name a few.

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Your session will be designed to best suit your needs. An in-depth conversation prior to the healing session helps us uncover the unease that may need resolution.

Whilst transformative healing is a journey and may take a few sessions to address specific issues, you can expect to start feeling palpable shifts with every session.

Energy Healing

Book a 1:1 Healing Session

Book this if you are looking to experience the power of energy healing and have a very specific problem that needs resolution or clarity
90- 120 Mins
Rs 4,444/-
Healing Stones

Resolve at Root 

Book this if you are looking to a deeper healing for a long standing emotional or physical issue. 
3 Healing Sessions + Daily Healing for 21 Days
Rs 11,111/-
Two Ripples

Deep Healing 

Book this if you are looking to heal your mind and body at a deep transformational level, and also would like to master the ability to heal yourself through channeling of energies yourself.
This includes initiations and attunements.
12 individual healing sessions over 6 months
Rs 33,333/-
Yellow Flower

Flower Essences 

If you are looking to effortlessly bring in high vibrations into your body, or your home/ work space - try our Flower Essences which are a curation of the finest across the board
Includes an-depth consultation session
Personalized Flower Essence (2 -3 weeks)
Rs 2,100/-

What Our Clients Have to Say...

Healing Session 

Most surreal experience in healing journey.


I came across the website through an instagram ad and I never had any doubt in mind about the intent of the owner, and booked a healing session right away.


In Anuva, I found a friend that heals. She put me on spiritual healing path. Anuva is kind and even after the completion of healing process she has hand-held me many times when it comes to processing my emotions. She is also kind of helping me currently in finding the purpose of my intuition and how to further help others with it.

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