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Mastering Abundance

Jan 14th & 21st, 2024



Mastering Abundance 

We live in a vibrational world, and the vibrations we emanate determine what reality we find ourselves living through.


We really are much like radio receivers walking around, flashing our own frequency, and through the pairing of our frequency, tuning into one of the many radio stations that are beaming around us in any moment. These different radio stations each representative of completely different timelines that we could be experiencing - and we get paired with one - the one that our frequency resonates with. Our frequency itself, being a function of our beliefs and emotions; you do know every emotion carries a specific measurable frequency, right? And our frequency is the entangled culmination of these many frequencies we carry within us as emotions and beliefs.


Some of these beliefs, that we carry,  are obvious and 'known' to us, but all too often we are blindsided to many of our own beliefs, because we think of our beliefs as THE objective truth, THE absolute truth!  These absolute truths then continue to unfold in our reality in a self-fulfilling, self-perpetrating cycle. To truly bring shifts in our lives, we need to dig deep to uncover these beliefs, to understand what those scripts running in our subconscious are, and once we see them, and we understand them - we are then free of those scripts running our lives for us and find ourselves in a place where we can choose which scripts we want to run instead.


This freedom from those underlying scripts frees us to tune into new radio stations and choose different timelines and new realities to live.


 Choosing to live a life of abundance then is largely about doing the inner work to recognise what within us is is limiting us. What beliefs are we holding onto ? And why ? What is that we know to be an axiom, absolute truth about wealth and abundance that may not be quite so ? Is there something  about a scarcity mindset, and hardship that feels familiar and on some level offers us some comfort ? Its time to find answers to these questions and free yourself to live your life of abundance.



Understanding abundance is also about recognising that as much as abundance is  anchored in wealth, and has money at its core, it truly is so much more than just the number in your account, true abundance manifests itself in every aspect of your lives, including:

           Abundance in Relationships - is an abundance of love, abundance of               concern, abundance of joyous togetherness, abundance of laughter,                abundance in feeling supported.


            Abundance in Health - abundance in health is about your body                        supporting you fully and with greatest ease and comfort across your

            life experiences. 


             Abundance of Energy - is having the mental, emotional and physical               power to pursue your many ambitions and desires. 


            Abundance of Resources - abundance of physical resources that                      power your desires - your home, cars, education of choice, tools that.

            enable your profession of choice, access to experiences and people                who expand your learning.


           Abundance of Opportunities - when you're in the frequency of                       abundance, opportunities that help shape the experiences you desire             have a way of  just finding you


          Abundance of Love - the secret sauce that powers it all !

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Isn't abundance then is the richness of experience with which you live your life.  Mastering Abundance is about recognising the flow of richness through your life and unplugging those little plugs to that flow that you may have acquired along the road. 

What we will do...

During our workshop on Mastering Abundance, we will re-examine our beliefs, rebirth some perspectives, and an receive energetic attunement to help us become an abundance magnet. Specifically, we will :


Understand the Energetics of Abundance 

Uncover & clear personal subconscious Limiting Beliefs around abundance

Receive an Energetic Attunement to channel frequencies of Manifestation

Learn about Rituals that can help maintain a consistent abundance vibration

Curate a personalized Abundance Magnet Practice 

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Join Us

Jan 14th & 21st, 2024


 Fundamentally in the Etherspace , Log in via Zoom 

Energy Exchange : Rs 5, 555/-

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