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Do you find it hard to trust ?

Are you always striving for perfection ?

Do you find yourself often spiraling into feelings of inadequacy ?

Are you often prioritizing others' needs over your own?


If you answered yes to more than one of these questions
your inner child is waiting to hear from you 


Child in a Bear Costume

The Inner Child represents the childlike essence within us that often gets wounded during our growing years - through instances such as Criticism, Emotional Neglect, Emotionally Unexpressive Parent/s, Rescuer Responsibilities, Unpredictable Parent Reactions, Disharmonious Familial Relationships

These instances can feel traumatic to a child’s gentle sensibilities, and as children we tend to process such situations by internalising limiting beliefs about our self-worth, and expectations from the world.  Over time these stories and define our personalities, and our projected place in the world.

We live our lives limited by these narratives we believe of ourselves


But these are only stories that we have told ourselves. 

Inner child healing unearths these stories, and the wounds that lay at its core, bringing them into conscious awareness for healing and integration.

Child with Dog

During the Workshop


 We will explore these subconscious beliefs and wounds  using shamanic tools, breathwork and guided meditations

We will deepen our connect with the  archetypal energies of the elemental kingdom  - gnomes, fairies, unicorns to deepen our connect with our inner child


We will listen to the wisdom of our subconscious through divination exercises, release through somatic practices and body work


We will rewire our beliefs


The benefits of inner child healing are profound

By healing our inner child, we begin to let go of old stories that define our self-worth, and begin to experience increased self-love, and self-acceptance. We gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our patterns, enabling us to break free from limiting beliefs, and toxic relationships.

Inner child healing also allows us to reconnect with our creativity, playfulness, and ability to experience joy, helping us access fuller and more expansive living.


If this calls out to you


Join Us For This Transformative Healing



The Inner Child Workshop 


My decades of deep seeded anxieties and fears needed healing but I could never trust anyone with it.

The moment I met Anuva, there was an instant connect and trust as she is an empath. She helped me discover my inner self and decipher the root causes of my fears and anxieties. Even after the sessions her small tips are helping me in my healing journey.

Can’t thank the universe enough for Anuva and her endeavor to heal people through Antaram.

Anshul_ pic.jpg

Anshul Srivastava

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