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Heal Yourself Workshop


Ancient cultures, all, have through eons preserved rituals, rites and stories that ensured we kept these connects alive and passed on the legacy of knowing. Our urban lives though, have had us disconnect from this ancient wisdom, leaving us feel isolated, sick and constantly in search of that which may bring us completeness. This workshop is your invitation to find your way back, to completeness, to yourself. 

In this workshop, 

we will explore and understand :

  • The essensce of our Energy Body

  • Somatic Tools that help clear, balance and align our energy body

  • Grounding, Shielding & Smudging to cleanse negative energies 

  • Using Crystals for healing life situations

  • Shamanic Journeying as a tool to connect with your subconscious

  • Channeling Healing Frequencies with an attunement to 2 powerful transformative frequencies - Self Power & Let Go. 

To Heal Yourself is more a remembrance than it is a learning. A remembrance of what we already know in our bones and blood - a remembrance of how to bring our mind-body-soul back into alignment, a remembrance of what it feels like to live life singing our soul song.

Our body has always known how to heal itself - and it longs for us to re-establish the connection where we are tuned in and in allowance of our innate natural healing. 

Beautiful woman sits in a pose of a half

In essence this workshop aims to empower you to with a deeper soul connect, a remembrance of your own innate healing capability and tools that will help you establish a practice of self healing that will help you heal your health, as well presenting life situations holistically and with a greater awareness of your own beingness. 

Heal Yourself


Image by Shane Rounce
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