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Hi, I am Anuva.

Born with the existential bug - I pondered on the meaning of life , spending many a weekend listening to vedanta lectures even as a young child.  I often spoke of wanting to stop the world, so we could figure what life was about. As I grew older I keenly devoured theosophical discussions on both ancient eastern learnings as well as Kafkasque views on existentialism. Life took me a different direction though - a management degree, a corporate career of 16 years, motherhood, and life's many trappings consumed by bandwidth. Until I began to feel a growing sense of dissatisfaction with myself - underlying my days, waiting to be noticed - was this gnawing and growing search for deeper meaning, asking for the pursuit of inner peace. 


When I did listen, serendipity and what felt like very lucky chance encounters started guiding the way. I have, since spent a decade with shamans, energy healers and ascension masters learning and re-discovering holistic healing, and in process healing my own body, soul and spirit. My journey has been magical and deeply transformational and has helped me redeem my unhindered spirit and soul connect. It brought so much calm, joy and clarity to my life, I just knew I had to share it with others....

Healing with me...

Since becoming a practitioner my sensitivity to energy and my intuitive ability has exponentially expanded, as I have come to embrace as my mission to help people experience the transformative and expansive nature of energy healing.

I am a certified practitioner of multiple healing modalities such as Shamanic Healing, Magnified Healing, The Melchizedik Method, Merlin Trinity Healing System, Akashic Records Clearing, Quantum Healing as well as Somatic Healing & Flower Essences. Even as I have grown through my experience of healing with each of these modalities, I believe the unique prowess that I bring as a healer today is in my ability to connect with and channel source guidance intuitively.

In a session with me, you can expect to uncover and release blocks and patterns and rediscover their soul's inner guidance and power. you don't need to choose a modality to work with beforehand, I will bring them all to the table and deploy the composite that feels most aligned to resolve the presenting issue. 


My aim is to create a warm, calming, safe container where you feel comfortable to just be. A space where you can fully surrender, unwind, open and release all that your mind-body-spirit needs to, to help bring you back to a state of calm, alignment and bliss.

It would be my honor to be your companion on this journey where the mystical meets the tangible, and the extraordinary becomes a part of your everyday existence.





I'm always happy to connect.

So whether you would like to try a healing session, have ideas on collaboration, or simply have questions on healing, please feel free to reach out. 

Instagram : @antaram_by_anuva

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