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Heal With Flowers 


Flower essences are quintessential energy medicine that can help you resolve physical and emotional imbalances in your body. Flowers represent the purest life force, carrying imprints of sacred geometry  that can help harmonize vibrations within the body.  These harmonized vibrations bring  back balance in your Biomagnetic field, helping ease any presenting emotional or physical unease. 

Flower power as a healing force has been revered across epochs and civilizations - indicated across Ancient Indian, Egyptian, Chinese and Greek texts. Legend also proclaims this wisdom finds its genesis in Lemurian knowledge where flowers were used to create potent vibrational healing elixirs.  The Shamans believed the morning dew that appeared on the flowers contained healing properties. They would gather this dew and use it as ‘medicine’. Every flower has a particular knowledge that it imparts into that dew. When an individual ingests the dew, they integrate that healing information into their bio-energetic field.


Closer home, in 1930 Dr Edward Bach reintroduced the contemporary world to flower essences through his seminal body of work - Bach Flower Remedies. Being a surgeon, and a homeopathic doctor, he was searching for an elegant system that could offer holistic healing whilst understanding the key role emotions played in diseases. 

Today, you can access and experience the beautiful vibrations of flowers, that help create gentle yet profound shifts in your life at the click of a button. At Antaram, we leverage the cumulative knowledge uncovered by these ancient cultures and powerhouses of wisdom to create custom Flower Essences, to help power your holistic health journey! 

Poppy Field

Consuming Flower Essences is the equivalent of filling your body with high vibrational frequencies every day. These frequencies then begin to wash away the emotional toxins that have collected in your energy body, bringing you into a state of balance and wellbeing.

Flower Essences are made by infusing the blooms particular vibration into water. A solar infusion of that flower in water, assisted by chants and crystals creates the perfect encapsulation of the flower's vibrational signature. This elixir is then preserved and stabilized with alcohol to prolong integrity of the flower  essence. Thus, are created an easy access to the energetic harmonics of the sacred geometry of flowers. 

Clients at Antaram, have referred to our Flower Essences as 'Magic Water.'

Come experience the power of these beautiful, transformational essences for yourself. 

If you would like to experience the power of Flower Essences, go ahead and gift yourself a consult session with us to receive a personalized 'Flower Essence Composite' curated specifically for you !

A consult at Antaram, includes a 30-45 mins interview to understand your concerns, and current emotional state, post which you will be sent across your personalized composite that needs to be taken orally, diluted in water. A single composite bottle will last you 2- 3 weeks when consumed regularly.

 Your life will not be the same on the other side of this deep, transformative healing, experience.

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Book a consult to get
Flower Power
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