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Antaram is a Sanskrit word meaning the interior, or within

This is your invitation -

To Journey Within

In the hustle of contemporary urban living, we have become disconnected from our roots, and ancient wisdom of  our ancestors and the natural world. 


This disconnection has been showing up in our urban lives as feelings of isolation, sleep disorders, anxiety,  chronic fatigue, as also diabetes, thyroid, IBS, autoimune disorders etc. This escalating prevalence of lifestyle disorders  is making it both imperative, and popular, to look outside conventional methods, to explore alternate medicine and holistic solutions.  


Science has stepped up here to confirm what ancient cultures have known for long - we live in a world governed by vibrations and frequencies and can heal not only our bodies, but also life situations, relationships, emotions at the deepest cellular level by addressing energetic imbalances within our vibrational life force.


A healing session at Antaram aims to create this harmonious alignment between your mental-emotional-physical bodies through a mix of energy healing modalities that help uncover root causes and deep-seated patterns within our subconscious

What we offer 

My Story

Hi, I am Anuva.

Born with the existential bug - I pondered on the meaning of life , spending many a weekend listening to vedanta lectures even as a young child.  I often spoke of wanting to stop the world, so we could figure what life was about. As I grew older I keenly devoured theosophical discussions on both ancient eastern learnings as well as Kafka-isque views on existentialism. Life took me a different direction though - a management degree,  a corporate career of 16 years, motherhood, and life's many trappings consumed by bandwidth. Until I began to feel a growing sense of dissatisfaction with myself - underlying my days, waiting to be noticed - was this gnawing  and growing search for deeper meaning, asking for the pursuit of inner peace. 


When I did listen, serendipity and what felt like very lucky chance encounters started guiding the way. I have, since, spent a decade with shamans, energy healers and ascension masters learning and re-discovering holistic healing, and in process healing my own body, soul and spirit. My journey has been magical and deeply transformational and has helped me redeem my unhindered spirit and soul connect. It brought so much calm, joy and clarity to my life, I just  knew I had to share it with others....

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What clients have to say ...

Most surreal experience in healing journey.


I came across the website through an instagram ad and I never had any doubt in mind about the intent of the owner, and booked a healing session right away.


In Anuva, I found a friend that heals. She put me on spiritual healing path. Anuva is kind and even after the completion of healing process she has hand-held me many times when it comes to processing my emotions. She is also kind of helping me currently in finding the purpose of my intuition and how to further help others with it.

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If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

- Nikola Tesla 

Heal. Transform.

Embrace your bliss. 

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